Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer2013 Throwback: Sugar Beach Bantayan Adventures

As Summer 2014 ends, it is a good time to look back Summer 2013 before posting the exciting photos of this year's summer outing.  Last year, the Rainmakers and Robinsons Homes Cebu team went to Sugar Beach Bantayan.  The event was filled with a lot of fun and games.  Those 2 nights were also full of lasting memories.

Here are some of the top memories of Bantayan:

10 --- Who brought The Bar?
9 --- Clyde and his wall punch
8 --- The Repentant Nezte
7 --- The Dancing Aliel
6 --- Flo the Master in Body Shot
5 --- I have the power moment
4 --- Rexcy and his "unknown" date
3 ---The Night swimming foursome
2 --- The Amaing Jumpshots and other wacky pics
1 --- The Pyramid

Rainmakers, what else do you remember in summer 2013?

Island Hopping at Nalusuan
Villa Teresita 
Summer Night Outs 2013
#summertoremember Opening Salvo

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