Thursday, June 12, 2014

Foodtrip: Enjoying the Tuslob Buwa Experience at Azul

One of the trademarks of the Rainmakers Group is their love for food.  The group's happiest moments are most of the time spent with good food. Their appetite for food is match by their appetites for sales. One of the latest food trips of the Rainmakers is having "Tuslob Buwa" together.  Tuslob buwa is kinda popular with the younger crowd who are in a lookout for cheap but filling food.  A lot of the Rainmakers have tried the legendary tuslob buwa stalls in Pasil. Tuslob Buwa is basically pig's brains fried with onions with option of adding other items like liver and young shrimps.  When one fries the pig's brains it produces a lot of bubbles or in Cebuano we call it "Buwa".  Tuslob means to dip. Tuslob buwa literally means dipping to bubbles. 

What is going to be dipped bubbles? We dip rice.  Not your ordinary plain rice but the Visayan staple called puso.  In the Visayas, puso or hanging rice is very popular and this type of rice creation is the perfect choice to enjoy a fine tuslob buwa meal.

Health Warnings!!!

Now, one do not need to go far like Pasil just to enjoy Tuslob Buwa.  Azul, a convenience store in Gorordo Avenue is offering the tuslob buwa experience.  For 99 pesos, customers can get a meal set that includes puso, utok (pig's brains), atay (pig's liver), hipon (salted tiny shrimps), and onions.  The set also includes a butane powered stove, frying pan, and oil. Part of the tuslob buwa experience is that the customers will be the one cooking their dish.

Kim and Sheila were the ones in charge of cooking the brain.  We ordered 2 sets because we were quite many.   The only bad thing when we came was that Azul ran out of puso and may of the Rainmakers wanted more but we have to make do with what they just have.  Still, we manage to have a meal full of laughter and a lot puso hoarding.

Azul is normally a place where young people hang out and have a beer session.  The addition of Tuslob Buwa gave the store some sort of cult-like following.  The tuslob buwa is  a perfect pulutan or beer mate and it bonds a barkada because they share a meal in one pan.  Azul also offers a lot of other yummy but very fatty dishes that could double as pulutan. They have chicken skin, chicharon bulaklak, sisig, and many more pulutan favourites.  Since it is a convenience store, you can also buy items like bottled water, chichirya, cigarette, and other items you usually find a typical convenience store.

We really enjoyed our time  there and it gave us the energy to spend the afternoon doing pictorials and other work-related activities.  The tuslob buwa is a different experience on its own.  It is like a cross of a yakiniku or shabu-shabu and budol fight.  A meal like this can make bonds stronger and it is a great way of spending 99 pesos. Try it out!

Azul is located in Gorordo Avenue.  Coming from UP Lahug it is further south past Asilo Church. It will be on the right side before you reach the junction that will lead you CIC back gate and Ayala.

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