Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Memorable Birthday Celebration of Nezte Virtudazo at Mountain View Resort

A few months back, Nezte Virtudazo celebrated his 22nd birthday at Mountain View Resort in Busay.  It was one heck of a party as he invited many of childhood friends, college barkada, kababayans, and the Rainmakers.   Mountain View Resort in Busay is a great place to have a private party or team building activities. It has several rooms and it also has a private pool.

Nezte rented the place to make up for his botched Sinulog 2014 fantasy.  He wanted to have a party to remember. In the end, he got what he wanted.

Top 10 Rainmaker Memories for Nezte's 22nd Birthday:
10. The giant pizza
9. Renunion with Regina
8. Kaye's beautiful friend
7. Beer Pong
6. Beer Bong
5. The Special Guest
4. Rexcy and his scavenger mode. Ang walang patawad. hehehe
3. The fun drive home
2. "You don't deserve my face!!!" - Kerwin
1. The Kulata

Rainmakers, what do you remember?

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