Thursday, May 3, 2012

Road Trip To Barili

Earlier this year, our group got an invitation from one of our first and beloved clients to their "vacation" home in Barili.  The town of Barili is 61 kilometers away from Cebu City. Joining the trip were Carlo Olano, Stephanie Olano, Kerwin Raga, Rodney Raga, and Sheila Castro.  We arrived at the Peckham's place past 12 noon and we were treated to a very sumptuous lunch. After enjoying the food and the view, we took several pictures. 

On the way home, we checked the Molave Milk Station and tried their delicious ice cream. We also passed by a chicharon factory and bought some pork cracklings for our trip back home.  It was a very memorable day and hopefully we can do more trips soon.

Molave Milk Station, Barili
It's more fun in the Philippines: Argao, Cebu
It's more fun in the Philippines with Lego
Rainmaker's goes to Simala

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